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ILN is an integrated content management platform that provides you and your team the tools to organize, manage, and share all of your media and documents in one place. You can also use our website creation feature to build and run everything on your own custom-branded domain, hosted by us.

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Your Content, Your Brand, Your Rules

Struggling with complicated content systems that need a tech wizard to get started? You’re not alone! You need a content manager that’s intuitive, with no complex setup or coding skills required. Imagine a space where everything is integrated seamlessly; where all your important documents, images, and video are all speedily available to you and your team, and you can collaborate on tasks together without having to jump around a gazillion different places. Best of all, you can do it all from your own custom-branded domain, which you can use to privately collaborate with your team and publicly share with your audience.

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Streamline Your Content Creation

Effortlessly create, upload, and organize any digital content — from text and images to videos and files — right from your phone or desktop. No technical skills required; if you can create a social media post online, you're already an expert. Experience simple publishing that puts your focus squarely on crafting your content. No more losing important information, it's all right here at your fingertips.

Endless Customization, Zero Complexity

Your needs are unique; your content manager should be too. You can start using the tools right from ILN's main website and app. Customizable dashboards let you configure the interface exactly to your work style. Then, use our website creator to build and run everything on your own custom-branded domain, web hosting included. Select from a suite of interactive components like calendars, todo lists, and image galleries to add engagement to your content for your team and audience.

Complete Control Over Your Content & Privacy

Your content is shielded with the highest standard of encryption—both during transfer and while securely stored. With robust privacy controls, you're able to set precise permissions with ease on all of your content. This means that you can create private areas for your team to collaborate, and public web pages for your audience to engage with, making your content manager a true extension of brand.

No Hassle Maintenance & Support

Adopting a Content Manager shouldn't mean becoming an IT expert. That's why our platform is designed for hassle-free operation, with automatic updates and proactive maintenance to keep your site running smoothly around the clock. And if you ever need a hand, our dedicated support team is always available to assist you. From live chat to a rich knowledge base and responsive email support, help is always just a click away.

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