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ILN is an integrated content management, team collaboration, and social media platform. Create, organize, and share every type of digital asset in one secure place; and use the website builder to run it all on your own personalized domain.

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Your Content, Your Brand, Your Rules

Imagine a space where all your documents, images, and video are all secured and speedily available to you in one place. Where you and your team collaborate together on projects and tasks without having to jump around a gazillion different apps. And where you build your audience on your own personalized website from the network and tools available throughout the platform!

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Content Management, Simplified

Effortlessly create, upload, and organize anything from web pages and images to videos and files — even using your mobile phone! No technical skills required; if you can create a social media post online, you're already an expert. No more losing important information, it's all right here at your fingertips.

Endless Customization, Zero Complexity

Here, you're not just given pre-defined website templates - you can create a unique website using simple editors that your grandma can learn. Everything from the content you create to the unlimited dashboards to the hundreds of productivity tools are customizable, empowering you to establish your perfect identity and brand!

Privacy to the Max

We're obsessed with security, overdoing it with the checks with have in place. Why? Because our private stuff is on here too! On top of that, our privacy controls are highly configurable and allow you to do clever things with your content. You can create sections for special members, portals for your team, private spaces for your close associates, and public pages for the rest of the world.

Grow Your Team, Grow Your Audience

Utilize hundeds of productivity components and social tools to collaborate with your team and connect with your audience. You get all the benefits of sharing that you would get with social media, and all the features to streamline your work you would get with a task manager. And all this is available when you use us to host it on your own custom-branded website.

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